Why Are My Water Drain Pipes Leaking in Strafford, MO & How to Fix a Pipe Joint Leak

When you notice that the pipes under your sink is dripping or wet you want to make sure you find the problem quickly. Even a small leak can lead to major problems especially in your house. The water that is leaking can and will soak into the surrounding materials which will it turn cause mold and mildew to grow. This growth of mold brings with it a plethora of health concerns that can affect all of the members of your home. The moisture that is leaking will also cause damage to the house that you will have to have repaired. The leak is something that can be hard to find if you don’t know what you are looking for. A leak can be further back along a pipe and it travels down the pipe before it actually drips. You want to make sure that you know what you are looking for and what the common causes of a leak are.

Adams Plumbing Services Outlines What Causes Water Pipes to Leak

Corrosion on Copper Pipes: One of the problems that you have when you are using any material alongside water is that it can create corrosion. The water along with some of the sediment can settle and attach to the pipes that are bringing the water through the house. This can start to cause the pipes to corrode and that will make them susceptible to damage and they can break or crack. When this happens the water can start to leak out and cause trouble for you. The corrosion can breakdown metal, copper and even plastic pipes.
Leaks from a Broken Pipe: Another problem you might come across when you notice a leak is when the pipe is damaged. The pipes in the house have some areas that are exposed and some of the pipes outdoors are under the ground but not far. If you dig your yard to add landscaping you could hit a pipe that will cause a leak. If you are packing items under the bathroom sink and hit the pipe it could cause damage as well. When this damage occurs the water that you want to come out of the faucet will leak out.
Pipe Joint Leak: You also may notice that the pipes are in great shape but the joint of the line is leaking. The pipe that is being used has to be brought in from the street and that means there are turns that are needed. The way that is accomplished is with elbows that create joints between the lines. These are always an area that can have a leak especially if they are not connected properly. The joint has to be secured when it is installed and even then it can over time create a gap. This will let the water come out the gap and cause moisture right around the joint. The great thing is that if this is where the damage is you can have it taken apart and reattached and better secured.

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