Types of Plumbing Pipes Lines in Springfield, MO; Delivery of Natural Gas, Water & Sewer into Homes

When most people think of plumbing it usually is in reference to something that will not go down the drain. Where in fact there is much more to plumbing that just drains. Plumbing uses pipes and tubes to transport liquid fluids and gases, through the home and disposing of refuse. Garbage is disposable food waste, rubbish or trash in the US is the dry solids we dispose of much of which is packaging.

How Plumbing has Changed Throughout History

Our drains are utilized to carry away liquids, solids and semi solids resulting from food and human waste. Not an endearing subject but a necessary one for health and the result of our life process. Drains have progressed throughout the ages, and unfortunately were subsequently drained into streams, rivers and harbors. Nowadays this sewage is treated, and the water purified and then released into our water ways. The solids are used as fertilizers. Crops need nitrogen to grow and human and animal waste is loaded with nitrogen and nitrogen compounds. The materials used for drainage systems include stone, fired clay, steel and cast iron, cement and plastic. Plastic is the preferred material of domestic use in the home with PVC being the modern primary material when it was found that ABS plastics didn’t fair so well. Plastic is used for sewerage vents to prevent low pressures from preventing adequate drainage. Those pipes that stickup from the house roof tops are the sewer vents.

Natural Gas Pipes

Another aspect of plumbing is fluids used for other purposes. In this case we are hinting at gases, i.e. natural gas that fires furnaces, hot water heaters and clothes dryers. In those cases where heat is desired it is more efficient to use natural gas directly than depend on electricity for cooking and the aforementioned uses. But delivery of natural gas usually is delivered by buried, wrapped black iron or steel pipe. Otherwise it is a related plumbing application. The connection has to be gas tight and are wrapped, usually in a synthetic or man made material to prevent corrosion.

Plumbing Water Lines

Next are plumbing applications used for the delivery of potable (consumable) water. The water is used for drinking and cooking. It contributes to sanitation in the form cleaning from washing our hands, dishes and keeping the home clean and tidy to showers and bathing. Water is a universal solvent, as it can dissolve more things than any other liquid and paired with detergents it can cut through grease and oils. Delivered by synthetics like PEX flexible tubing, CPVC, PVC and copper lines.

Sewer Lines to & from House

Your sewer line performs the necessary function of transporting waste and wastewater away from your home and to the municipal sewer system or your septic tank. Cracked sewer line pipes are a common and costly cause of property damage and that is why it is so necessary to hire a professional like Adam’s Plumbing Service & Drain Cleaning for plumbing inspections, repairs and service.

Control of Water Via Faucets, Bibs & Valves

The other aspect of plumbing is the additions of sinks and faucets. Faucets control the flow of water on the interior of the home in showers, tubs and sinks. Taps and bibs control water used on the exterior of the home. Valves, generally ball valves are what control the water to the home and for irrigation. Electrically controlled valves also automatically run our lawn and gardening sprinklers.

Plumbing Fixture Installations, Repairs & More in Springfield, Nixa, Marshfield & Republic Missouri

Few of us stop to contemplate just what our home plumbing impacts our lives. Imagine when everyone had to carry their water from the well in the town center. Or those today that must travel to a central water supply in carry their water home. Envisage for a minute how this would affect your current lifestyle. Fortunately, we are blessed to live in the United States of America. Adam’s Plumbing Service & Drain Cleaning can meet all your plumbing needs. Contact us today!

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