Tips to Extend the Useful Life Expectancy of Your Garbage Disposal in Nixa, MO; Regular Cleaning, Don’t Pour Grease Down & More

Garbage disposals take a lot of abuse. They are typically used consistently during the course of the day. If your garbage disposal falls short, it can be more than an inconvenience. Odors can emit and water won’t drain from the sink. After investing in a garbage disposal, you want it to last. Today, we at Adams Plumbing Service and Drain Cleaning, we would like to offer some tips and advice on how you can better care for your garbage disposal and increase the projected lifespan.

Tips to Extend the Useful Life Expectancy of Your Garbage Disposal

1) Regularly clean the garbage disposal. Food particles and other debris often accumulate in nooks, crannies and in between the blades. To avoid the buildup and pungent odors that might linger in the air, don’t neglect cleaning the garbage disposal frequently. To clean your garbage disposal, fill an ice cube tray with vinegar. Once they are frozen, pop out the vinegar cubes and flush them down the garbage disposal with cold water on with the garbage disposal on. The vinegar will clean not only clean, but neutralize odors as well. The ice cubes will also sharpen up the blades, all in one easy step. Every 3 days is ideal in a busy household with more than 3 occupants and once a week is exceptional for 1-2 occupants. If you have strong odors put some citrus fruit peeling down the garbage disposal while on. We recommend pouring a pot full of boiling water down the drain to loosen, up any lingering food or residue on monthly bases.
2) Use cold water when operating your garbage disposal. The use of cold water is necessary for the garbage disposals performance in a number of ways. It acts as a lubricant to keep the blades running efficiently. The cold water will help push and flush out the food waste through the garbage disposal and down the drain. Finally using cold water instead of hot, helps keep the motor cooled off, which prevents overheating.
3) Do not pour any amount of grease in the garbage disposal. Avoid at all costs putting grease down the drain. Grease will cause buildup and grease deposits, which will eventually clog the disposal, making it malfunction or cease up. In most cases, the garbage disposal cannot be repaired and will need replacing. Dispose of grease appropriately to avoid unnecessary damage to your garbage disposal.
4) Not everything can go down the garbage disposal. There are a number of materials that can cause serious damage to your garbage disposal if attempt to do so. Metal and plastic objects top the list. Never put metal or plastic in the garbage disposal, doing so will only get caught up in the moving parts, get wedged and cause your garbage disposal to not operate efficiently, overheat and eventually be rendered useless.

Garbage Disposal Repairs, Maintenance & Replacement in Springfield, Nixa, Marshfield & Republic Missouri

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